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Why Choose TSI Energy Solutions?

There is no substitute for experience, expert knowledge, and a robust service offering. You will want a team that has:

+ Robust Service Offering 

Infrared electrical scans, infrared roof moisture surveys, energy efficiency inspections, moisture investigations, water leak detection (per ASTM E331, ASTM E1105 and AAMA 501.2), air chamber testing (per ASTM E1186 and ASTM E783), mock-up wall testing (per ASTM E2357) and air barrier testing (per ASTM E1827 and E779).

+ A Team of Experts

Multiple Level II and Level III certified Thermographers, Air Barrier Specialists, Energy Auditors, and Green Program Inspectors.

+ Excellent Experience

Since 1980 TSI Energy Solutions has provided a wide array of inspection services for commercial and industrial businesses, municipalities, contractors and building occupants to identify, repair and protect buildings, equipment and structures from moisture, air and water leaks, corrosion and inefficient energy usage.

Choosing the right team ensures your project’s success at all phases including design, construction, and ongoing maintenance of building structures.

TSI Provides Solutions Nationwide.

TSI Energy Solutions provides excellent inspection services across the United States. Wherever you are, we can help.

TSI Energy Solutions Nationwide

The Evolution of Our Brand

TSI Energy Solutions was established in 1980 and quickly became a leader and pioneer in thermal imaging and infrared inspections. Over our 35+ year history, our services have continued to evolve and now include complete offerings of diagnostic testing, energy auditing, air barrier testing, and energy efficiency consulting. We recently changed our name to TSI Energy Solutions to better reflect our robust service offering.