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TSI Story

TSI was formed in 1980 by the original owners Phil McMullan, Bill Achenbach, Chris Maher and David Smith, then Jim Williamson joined the company as an owner in the mid 1980s. TSI was one of the first companies in the country to use infrared technology as a major source of revenue as we used thermal cameras to assess energy loss in government and private buildings as part of our thermal imaging energy audit protocol. We were also one of the first companies to use blower doors and duct blasters to identify air leaks in homes, commercial buildings and ductwork systems.

TSI Thermography Services

In the 1990s we started performing energy audits for utility companies as part of their demand-side management programs. During that time we performed tens of thousands of energy audits on both new and existing homes. These inspections led to a vital relationship with new home builders who saw tremendous value in our ability to not only improve the energy efficiency of their homes, but also realized that we were helping them reduce warranty calls caused by frozen pipes, comfort issues and high utility bills.

At that same time we wanted to expand our commercial division so we decided to use our full name Thermo-Scan Inspections to emphasize this service. Our commercial division blossomed as we started performing infrared electrical scans, roof moisture surveys and underground leak detection services. Our experience with blower doors then pointed us towards commercial air barrier testing where we have become a national leader in testing. Throughout the 2000s we have been a leader in utility audits, commercial air barrier testing, infrared inspections and energy efficiency services.

As our services evolved we felt it was necessary to adjust our name to better reflect our entire service portfolio so in 2014 we went back to our roots and modified the official company name to TSI Energy Solutions. TSI Energy Solutions has been, and will continue to be, an industry leader that focuses on customer satisfaction while pursuing our mission: Dedicated To The Efficient Use Of Energy!