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The Benefits of Building Diagnostics

The Benefits of Building Diagnostics

You may not know it, but your building could be facing serious issues. The spot on the ceiling, the high humidity, the Building diagnostics are about understanding the issues your building faces.slight mold growth are all warning signs of major issues that could cost you big time in the near future. Thankfully, with building diagnostics you can identify these issues and work to resolve them before they spiral out of control.

The Building Issues Identified by Building Diagnostics

Holistic building diagnostics looks at your entire building. The process of building diagnostics is based on how the building structure, mechanical systems, occupants, and the energy used and created interact with each other. The process is designed to give building owners insight into building sustainability, costs of operation, and occupant health and safety.

Here are just a few of the issues your building might be facing with or without you knowing it:

  • Ceiling water spots can lead to building degradation and major air quality issues.
  • High humidity can cause health concerns for tenants.
  • Irregular temperatures make it difficult to control the comfort level of your building.
  • Frost and mildew are signs of leaks or improper insulation that can result in health issues.
  • Uncontrolled air leakage will stress your mechanical systems and compromise structural components.

The Benefits of Building Diagnostics Address the Issues Your Building Faces

While traditional methods like energy audits have their place, they fail to address day-to-day concerns and they do not examine the building holistically. Through holistic building diagnostics, you can address the issues your building is facing and increase the efficiency and comfort of your building.

Reduce Energy Costs

By performing a building diagnostics test, you can reduce your energy costs. Issues like water and air leakage can result in building systems overworking. Everything from your air conditioner to air purification system are forced to overperwork due to outside air and high humidity. Building diagnostic testing locates these leakage sites, so you can fix them and reduce your energy costs.

Increase Building Comfort

How often do building tenants complain about new water spots on the ceiling? The building being overly humid? How about not being able to effectively control the temperature? Again, these are all warning signs of air and water leakage. Building diagnostics can help your building’s tenants feel and be more comfortable.

Retain Building Tenants

Because you’re able to reduce energy costs and make building tenants or employees more comfortable, you’ll actually end up retaining those people, which leads to steady income.

At TSI Energy Solutions, we believe in a building diagnostics process that is practical, economical, and adoptable. We’re here to help improve the quality of your building. Are you ready to improve your building and reap the benefits of building diagnostics? Contact TSI Energy Solutions to get started today.