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Commercial Building Diagnostics: Holistic Testing

Commercial Building Diagnostics: Holistic Testing

commercial building diagnostics

When building occupants and owners start complaining about high humidity and indoor air quality, they often feel like there only two solutions available: commercial building inspections and comprehensive energy audits. While these solutions might find parts of the issues the occupants are facing, they typically do nothing to actually address the day-to-day concerns of building occupants and owners. Thankfully, there is an alternative to these solutions: commercial building diagnostics.

The Issues With Traditional Inspections

In theory, building inspections and energy audits are great ideas. Who doesn’t want to know the issues their building is having, but these two processes aren’t the best solutions to the issues at hand.

Inspection and energy audits can be extremely expensive. Depending on the type of inspection and audit performed, you could be looking at countless hours of work in performing the tasks, analyzing data, and compiling reports. Plus, at the end of the day, a solution may not even be found.

The building inspection and energy audit processes are well known for generating a high volume of statistical data, which seems great, except this data is typically narrowly focused and difficult to prioritize.

Commercial Building Diagnostics: A Holistic Approach

Rather than rely on one of these more narrowly focused ways to combat high humidity and poor indoor air quality, turn to a holistic testing approach. Commercial building diagnostics is all about matching building science with a customer-focused problem-solving approach that is targeted to the individual challenges of each building.

The building diagnostics process is much more practical. Because the holistic testing allows for a more focused approach on the issues building are experiencing, the results are targeted to those exact issues and how to best solve them.

With commercial building diagnostics, you can significantly reduce the costs of building services. Rather than spend money on a full building inspection or energy audit, building diagnostics testing allows you to focus your budget on the actual concerns of building tenants.

While building inspections and energy audits are fixed services, commercial building diagnostics is adaptable to your building’s needs. Rather than spend time evaluating issues that your building isn’t facing, the diagnostics testing is focused on the issues you are facing.


At TSI Energy Solutions, we help building owners and managers identify the source of tenant complaints. With commercial building diagnostics testing, our experts are able to identify the causes of high humidity, comfort complaints, and high energy bills.

Are you ready for holistic building testing that covers high energy use, comfort concerns, humidity issues, and air/water leaks? Contact the experts at TSI Energy Solutions today!