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Why You Need Roof Moisture Surveys

Why You Need Roof Moisture Surveys

Roof moisture surveys provide unmatched moisture detection accuracy for yourRoof moisture surveys protect your building and your tenants. roof. The reason you need roof moisture surveys is to accurately locate any trapped moisture in your roofing system that can lead to mold and other health issues. However, the reasons go beyond health and impact the safety, comfortability, and profitability of your building.

Isolate potential problem areas with your roof.

When it comes to your roof, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. The issue is that most of the time, a roofing system’s issues are below the surface. The best way to locate these issues or to truly know if you have them is by performing roof moisture surveys. The other option is to completely rip apart the roofing system. However, with roof moisture surveys, you can isolate the problem areas and address those specific sections of your roof that need to be replaced, repaired, or further inspected for underlying issues.

Avoid the heavy burden of replacing your entire roofing system.

Mentioned in the above section, your other option for identifying these issues is to have your entire roofing system replaced. The problem with this route is that you have to pay someone to completely remove your current system and then install a brand new one. While it may not sound like a big deal, this process has the potential to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Instead of having the system replaced, TSI’s experts can perform roof moisture surveys, identify the areas that need to be addressed, and help you save that money for other business expenses.

Maintain the comfortability and health of your building’s tenants.

Your other, perhaps more important concern, is the comfort and health of your building’s tenants. If issues with your roof go unaddressed, you could end up with building degradation, high building humidity, mold, mildew, and overworked building systems. All of these issues can cause health concerns for the people inside of the building and can lead to comfort issues. Building tenants, if uncomfortable and exposed to poor working conditions, will move out of your building and into a competitor’s. To avoid this, roof moisture surveys can help you locate the areas of your roof that allow water into the building and insulation, so you can avoid the internal issues and correct them.

At TSI we approach every inspection and survey we conduct with a holistic view. Clients trust our roof moisture survey results because we are an impartial, unbiased 3rd party. We don’t sell roofing services or materials, so we gain nothing from finding issues with your building. If you’re looking for a trusted expert to perform a roof moisture survey for your building, we would love to connect and provide you with a roof moisture survey proposal.