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Air Barrier Testing

ASTM Standards

Air Barrier Testing Reduces Costs And Increases Efficiency

Air barrier testing is aimed at locating and isolating areas of your building that allow air to move in and out of your building. While minor intrusions may not be out of the ordinary, major leaks or multiple leaks can cause serious wear and tear on your building. Over time, these leaks can cause your building systems to overwork, which results in higher utility bills, increased maintenance, and premature system failure. Air leaks can be a great place for water to leak into your building. The team of experts at TSI Energy Solutions has tested the air barriers of thousands of structures and provides the knowledge necessary to help you through the testing process. TSI’s experts can help you meet tight air leakage standards using ASTM Standards E1827 and ASTM E779.

Air Barrier Testing & Blower Door Tests

Air Barrier Testing Identifies Causes of Energy Loss

At the heart of air barrier testing, the purpose is to identify any issues that can cause energy loss. For many, the concern of energy loss revolves around an increase in utility bills. When air is able to escape or enter your building, then air conditioning and heating systems have to increase their output in order to maintain and regulate air temperature. Air barrier testing helps reduce system overwork and save those systems from premature failure, which ultimately saves building owners money.

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Blower Door Test

Why You Need Air Barrier Testing And ASTM Standards E1827 and ASTM E779

Air barrier testing not only helps your building be energy efficient and reach sustainability goals, but it also helps you meet the ASTM Standards set by the Army Corps of Engineers. Air leaks have a direct impact on the comfort and cost of your ownership. Buildings need to be designed and constructed in a way that is both safe and durable for occupants. Air barrier testing allows you to evaluate indoor air quality, moisture intrusion, and building system longevity.

Air Barrier Testing Helps You Meet ASTM E1827 and ASTM E779 Standards

During an air barrier test, TSI’s experts can help your building meet ASTM Standards E1827 and ASTM E779. These standards are designed and enforced to not only increase comfort in buildings, but also to increase the safety of tenants.  In a hospital, we ensure that certain rooms (e.g. surgical, operating, etc.) meet the air-tightness levels established using ASTM E1827 Door Fan Pressurization Tests and NFPA 2001 (National Fire Protection Association’s Standard On Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems).  These tests allow certain hospital rooms to maintain either positive or negative pressures for health and safety reasons.  With TSI’s experts by your side, you can reduce the risk of safety issues caused by water intrusion and mold.

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Air Barrier Testing Service FAQ

Who Is Air Barrier Testing For?

Air barrier testing is for building owners, contractors, and designers concerned with air quality, building performance, and safety. With TSI Energy Solutions’ testing, you can help your building meet the following ASTM Standards:

  • ASTM E1827 & ASTM E779 for Air Leakage Testing
  • ASTM C1060 for Infrared Inspection Requirements
  • Army Corp of Engineers Requirements
When is it time to look at Air Barrier Testing as a service?

Generally, air barrier testing is performed at the end of the construction process.  However, we recommend involving TSI early in the process, so we can provide on-site consulting and inspections during the construction process that help guard against unforeseen (and often costly) problems.

Why Choose TSI as your Air Barrier Testing partner?

TSI Energy Solutions has provided technically advanced inspection services nationally for over 30 years. Our building envelope specialists are well trained in commercial air barrier testing and thermography. Using advanced testing instruments, professional reporting methods, and superior customer attention we deliver a service that exceeds expectations.

  • Trained Air Barrier Testing Specialists
  • Certified Level 1-3 Thermographers
  • 100+ commercial buildings tested for Army Corps, LEED and private owners
  • National Service Territory
  • Thousands of inspections performed on buildings of all sizes
How is Air Barrier Testing performed by TSI Energy Solutions?

During an Air Barrier Test, our experts use large commercial fans to depressurize and pressurize the building. We use a computer to control 3-fan systems that speed up and down to measure the amount of air leakage and various pressure levels. During this process, we record the air leakage rates and present them in a graph form in the final report. While the testing is going on, an infrared camera and theatrical “smoke” may also be used to identify individual air leak sites. The thermal envelope is assessed, following ASTM C1060 (Thermographic Inspection of Insulation Installations in Envelope Cavities of Frame Buildings).

“The reports are thorough and will meet and exceed the contract expectations”

– Recent Air Barrier Testing Client –

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TSI Air Barrier Testing Qualifications

The team at TSI has tested the air barriers of thousands of structures and our technicians offer the experience and knowledge necessary to help you through the testing process. We have multiple Level II and Level III certified infrared thermographers, as required by the Army Corps of Engineers to meet ASTM Standard E1827 and ASTM E779. Our air barrier testing technicians have years of experience testing commercial buildings. Our teams of experts have tested commercial buildings anywhere from 10,000 square feet to well over 100,000 square feet.