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Air Barrier Testing at an Air Force Base in Texas

Air Barrier Testing at an Air Force Base in Texas

The week of May 7th we were at an Air Force Base in Texas.  We performed Air Barrier Testing and Thermal Envelope Scan on a 42,200 square foot NATO jet pilot training facility.


We performed air barrier testing at a jet pilot training facility.

This building had a lot of air volume in it.  The building not only had a three story tall entry, it also had a full sized auditorium.  The building required six Minneapolis fans in order to get the needed 30,000+ CFM.  The building was very well built and used triple layer windows, additional insulation, and thick weather stripping on the doors all to aid in sound deadening. This building was located only a few hundred feet from the runway on base.


Using the Air Leak Test, we were able to perform the air barrier testing with efficiency.


This was one of the first buildings we have seen pass ASTM E779 on the first try that didn’t use spray on insulation on the bottom of the roof deck.


The building was well built and easily passed the infrared scan the second morning.


The building easily passed the air barrier testing.

An image of an aircraft outside of the building we performed air barrier testing on.