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Air Barrier Testing and ASTM E779

astm e779

Air Barrier Testing and ASTM E779

The purpose of the air barrier test is to determine and isolate the areas of a building that allow air to move in and out of a curtain wall and other exterior wall components. These leakage sites often go unnoticed. However, they can cause issues with utility bills and overall building efficiency. ASTM E779 testing is used to determine air leakage using fan pressurization. During the testing, a fan, blower, or blower door assembly is used to move air in and out of a conditioned space. The objective of the testing is to better understand the rate at which air is leaked into the building. Knowing this will help determine if the curtain wall has leakage sites causing building issues.

Identifying Air and Energy Loss Locations with ASTM E779

When air and energy escapes from your building it directly impacts your utility bills. With air leakage, your building’s air conditioning and heating systems are forced to increase their output in order to maintain temperatures and tenant comfort. ASTM E779 testing allows you to identify these air leakage sites and ease the strain on your building’s systems. Once identified, the leakage sites can be patched and corrected, saving premature system failure and money.

Increasing Tenant Safety With Air Barrier Testing

Air tightness of a building or a specific room isn’t just about saving money on utility bills. It’s also about the safety of your tenants. Whether you’re building an office building or a hospital, creating an airtight facility will allow you to retain internal temperatures and block out external hazards such as vehicle exhaust, pollutants and rain water. If these external hazards are allowed into your building they can cause serious health issues. For some buildings, you will be required to meet certain ASTM standards for air pressure and air leakage due to tenant safety.

TSI Has The Expertise You Need

At TSI our team has thousands of air barriers tests under our belts. Our technicians have the experience, knowledge, and qualifications to help you through the ASTM E779 testing. From 20,000 square feet to well 100,000 square feet, we’ll be able to help you measure the air leakage rate in your building.

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