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Air Barrier Testing: What It Can Do For Your Building

Air Barrier Testing: What It Can Do For Your Building

Air barrier testing has tons of great benefits for your building.Air barrier testing is all about making sure your building is as airtight as possible. Air leaks, even minor ones, can lead to major issues for your building. The air barrier testing that TSI Energy Solutions performs helps building owners create a more energy efficient building while meeting energy codes and reaching sustainability goals. However, the benefits of air barrier testing are not limited to those few things.

Enhanced Building Performance

When a building isn’t completely air tight, it can’t fully live up to it’s job of keeping the elements out and the controlled environment in. Air barrier testing is aimed at locating the areas of your building that allow air to move in and out of your building envelope. Major air leakage can result in serious wear and tear on your building causing systems over work and building components to prematurely fail. Through air barrier testing, you can reduce these major air leaks and enhance the performance of your building.

Lower Operating Costs

With major air leak sites, your building’s systems are forced to overwork. For example, in the summer months your air conditioning unit will have to work double time because the building is constantly letting the cooler air out and the hotter air in. With air barrier testing you can reduce the amount of work your building’s systems have to perform. Air barrier testing helps your building become more energy efficient, lowers maintenance costs, and saves you from having to replace systems more frequently.

Greater Occupant Comfort

One of the biggest issues caused by major air leaks in a building is the comfort of your occupants. As a building owner or manager, your building occupants are one of your biggest concerns. When they aren’t comfy or happy, then it’s your responsibility to do something about it. By locating these areas of leakage, you can increase the comfort level of occupants by keeping building humidity lower and creating a more controlled environment for all occupants.

Air barrier testing enhances the performance of your building, reduces energy costs, and creates a more controlled environment for building occupants. When your building is performing at peak conditions, you will have a much more secure structure and sustain the condition of your building for a longer period of time.

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