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Air Barrier Testing For LEED

Air Barrier Testing For LEED

Air Barrier Testing can be used to gain points under the Innovation in Design Category.   We recently performed a building envelope thermal scan and air leakage test at a LEED Certified bank in order to help the bank locate and isolate any air leakages sites the building may have.

Through air barrier testing this building was able to become LEED certified.

LEED Certified Building

Meeting the LEED Air Exchange Rate Through Air Barrier Testing

To meet the LEED required air exchange rate, 3 fans would have been required if the building was built to the maximum allowable air leakage rate.  However, this building was so tight, though,  it took just 1 fan to reach the required pressure differential during the air barrier testing. Because of this, we were able to let the building owner know that it was so tightly constructed, they were not suffering from major air leakage issues. As a result, their building’s structure will hold up for some time and their systems will be in good condition due to lack of air issues.