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Indianapolis ACOE Testing

Indianapolis ACOE Testing

In April of 2014, we performed ACOE testing including air barrier tests on 4 military buildings in Indianapolis, IN.  The largest building had a building envelope area well over 100,000 s.f.  The buildings were amazingly tight as we are seeing a vast improvement in air barrier details and construction monitoring.

Blower Door Set Up used during ACOE testing.

ACOE Testing

Based on the square footage of the building, 12 fans should have been required to hit the passing rate.  However, this building was so tight that we only ended up using 2 of our 3-fan systems.

Military Air Leak Testing using ACOE Testings

TSI Energy Solutions provides air barrier testing and building diagnostic services around the country to help customers and building owners improve their building’s energy efficiency. ACOE testing helps to locate and identify air leakage sites that can wreak havoc on a building’s internal systems.