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Air Leakage Testing: Improving The Comfort of Your Facility

Air Leakage Testing: Improving The Comfort of Your Facility

If you’ve been receiving a lot of complaints about the comfort of your facility, then you might have an air leakage issue. Tenant comfortAir leakage testing can help improve the overall condition of your building. is not just about controlling the temperature of your facility or making sure you offer the right amenities. Air leakage reduction not only helps improve the comfort of your facility, but it also helps you save money by reducing the cost of maintenance and saving your building’s systems from severe damage.


Air Leakage Testing and Your Building

Through various air leakage testing methods, specialists at TSI Energy Solutions can help you locate areas of your building in which air is entering or leaving. With testing methods like Air Barrier Testing, you can start reducing maintenance costs and help your building’s tenants feel more comfortable while they work. Testing methods work on a variety of building structures including office buildings, warehouses, and refrigerated buildings.


Air Barrier Testing and Why You Need It

Whether you’re in the building stages or you already have a building, making it safe and durable is always on your mind. While you may not know it, comfort of building tenants and cost of ownership are proven to be directly affected by air leakage control. A building’s level of air-tightness impacts indoor air quality, moisture intrusion, and construction material longevity. Having Air Barrier Testing performed on your completed project or on your existing building will help you meet energy efficiency and sustainability goals.


Reducing Maintenance Costs

The air that enters and leaves your building through cracks and small holes are actually taking a toll on your building’s systems. Air leaks in your outer walls can cause your systems to overwork and become damaged. If air is escaping your building, you are losing the precious air you spend money to heat and cool, causing your HVAC systems to struggle. By having air leakage testing performed on your building, you can reduce the cost of maintaining these systems.


Knowing When You Need Testing

If you are just starting or completing a construction process, then you should contact an air leakage testing company like TSI Energy Solutions. We work with your building company through on-site consulting and inspections to help safeguard against potential issues. If you already have a finished building, then air barrier testing can help identify problems that cause your building to lose energy. Energy loss leads to increased utility bills, but more than that, it may also lead to premature failure for certain building components and mechanical systems.


Think you might have a “leaky” building? At TSI Energy Solutions our trained and certified specialists will perform air barrier tests to find and isolate air leaks in your building to help you reduce costs and provide your building with longevity.