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Air Leakage Testing Using A Depressurized Globe

Air Leakage Testing Using A Depressurized Globe

Last week we performed qualitative testing of an air barrier system at a new commercial facility using air leakage testing. Utilizing a globe system hooked up to a pressure fan we were able to provide QC inspections throughout the project to determine if the air barrier system had been installed thoroughly.

Globe Air Leak Tester used during air leakage testing.

Air Leak Testing Of Spray           Applied Air Barrier

Air Leakage Testing Results

While we did find a couple leaks, the leak sites were not large enough to cause concern since this spray applied air barrier was designed to be an air barrier only. Had this system been designed as an air AND water barrier, we would have been concerned even with the smallest leak sites found.

TSI Energy Solutions provides testing for air leaks and water leaks around the country.