Energy Efficiency Inspections: Why Your Home Should Be Inspected

One of the hottest topics in home ownership these days is energy efficiency. Homeowners recognize the benefits of an efficient house. These benefits span beyond helping the environment and actually help homeowners reduce their energy consumption and costs. Energy efficiency inspections are a great way for you to locate the air leakage sites around your home and create a game plan for addressing the issues those leakage sites cause.

Blower Door Testing

Whether this service is provided as a stand alone service or part of our Home Energy Audit, the purpose is to identify any air leaks in your home and ductwork system. It might be hard to imagine, but there are potential air leaks all over your home. Your ductwork allows air to flow into and out of your home. Small cracks around your windows and doors do the same thing. During a blower door test, experts depressurize your home, so the air is pulled through all of the different cracks, which makes them easier to locate. Our RESNET and/or BPI expert, will walk through your home during the blower door test and mark all of the areas in which air is being sucked through leakage.

Infrared Scan

During an infrared scan, certified thermographers walk through your house using a camera to scan the walls, ceiling, and floor joists. The camera will identify areas of your home that are missing insulation. Another added benefit of the infrared scan is that it helps identify air moving in wall cavities. This technique and technology allows us to find problems that the blower door can not identify.

Home Energy Audit

At TSI we want to help you make your home as energy efficient as possible, which is why we provide full home energy efficiency inspections. During this inspection we use both the blower door testing and infrared scan to locate air leaks through your home. At the conclusion of the tests, we provide a detailed report that shows all of the sites and provide our recommendations.

Home Energy Saver Program

If you’re looking to have the benefits of a home energy inspection and see immediate results, then our Home Energy Saver Program is perfect for you. We perform a full home energy inspection using the tools and tests listed above, but go a step further. Our experts will actually go through your home and make it more energy efficient. When we’re done, you’ll have customized air sealing and/or duct sealing, electrical outlet insulation, cfl bulb installation, hot water pipe insulation, and so much more.

Are you ready to make your home as energy efficient as possible? The team at TSI Energy Solutions is ready to help you! Whether you’re looking for help getting started or a pro to take care of it all for you, we have the solution you need. Contact us to get started today.

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