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Building Diagnostics

Building Diagnostics

TSI Building Diagnostic Services

Building Diagnostic Services To Reduce Energy Bills and Increase Building Component Longevity

Air & Water Leak Tests

As a building owner, you know that moisture intrusion, air leaks, water leaks, high humidity, and high energy bills are signs that something is wrong with your building. At TSI Energy Solutions, we help business owners discover their building’s air and water leak sites.  We have helped many building owners uncover the causes of water leaks in walls, window leaks, roof leaks and more. By locating and isolating these sites, you can increase the longevity of your building’s systems, reduce energy and utility bills, and increase occupant comfort. Our experts have the knowledge, specialized inspections, and testing equipment to locate problems and recommend cost-effective solutions.

Air and Water Leakage Make Building Efficiency and Comfort Difficult to Regulate.

  • Ceiling Water Spots

    Lead to building degradation and indoor air quality issues.

  • Internal High Humidity

    Can cause health concerns and building degradation.

  • Irregular Temperatures

    Making it difficult to make buildings comfortable.

  • Frost or Mildew

    Results in building degradation and increased chance of health issues.

  • Uncontrolled Air Leakage

    Wreaks havoc on mechanical systems and structural components.

Building Diagnostic Testing Locates Air and Water Leakage Sites to Help:

  • Reduce Energy Costs

  • Increase Building Comfort

  • Retain Building Tenants

Building Diagnostics: Combining Science With Customer Centered Problem Solving To Be Practical, Economical, and Adaptable.

During every building diagnostics service, the experts at TSI look at the unique challenges of the individual building. The entire process is based on the interaction between structure, people, and energy. TSI’s building diagnostics process is designed to provide insight into the three most important guidelines for a “successful building:” Building Sustainability, Costs of Operation and Occupant Health and Safety.

Traditional methods like commercial building inspections and energy audits can be expensive and often fail to address your specific day-to-day concerns. They’re known for generating volumes of statistical data that is narrowly focused and difficult to prioritize. TSI’s building diagnostics process, however, is more practicaleconomical, and adaptable than other building evaluation processes.

TSI’s Building Diagnostics Tests include but are not limited to the following:

 AAMA 501.2 (water leakage testing of curtain walls, store fronts etc.)

 ASTM E2128 (Evaluating Water Leakage of Building Walls)

 AAMA 502 and AAMA 503  (Field Testing For Water Leaks)

 ASTM E1186 (air leakage site detection in building envelopes using a chamber to pressurize)

 ASTM E1105 (field determination of water penetration of installed exterior windows, doors, curtain walls by uniform or cyclic static air pressure) Click here to view ASTM E1105 video

 ASTM E1827 & ASTM E779 (whole building air leakage testing of large commercial buildings)

 ASTM E783 (field measurement of air leakage through installed exterior windows and doors using a chamber)

 Building Diagnostic Investigations

Do you need a comprehensive building inspection covering high energy use, comfort concerns, humidity issues or air/water leaks?