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Air Barrier Testing

Air barrier testing is all about making sure your building is as airtight as possible. Air leaks, even minor ones, can lead to major issues for your building. The air barrier testing that TSI Energy Solutions performs helps building owners create a more energy efficient...

We recently created a video that shows our entire process of air barrier testing a building for air leakage per ASTM E779 and ASTM E1827 and thermography using ASTM C1060.
In April of 2014, we performed ACOE testing including air barrier tests on 4 military buildings in Indianapolis, IN.  The largest building had a building envelope area well over 100,000 s.f.  The buildings were amazingly tight as we are seeing a vast improvement in air barrier details and construction monitoring.
As part of a retro-commissioning project at a military base in Florida, TSI performed Air Barrier Testing, Building Envelope Scans, and Pressure Diagnostics for 31 existing buildings.   The goal of the project was to develop a baseline that could be used to determine priorities for energy improvements in these buildings.
TSI just performed an air barrier test of a 37,000 sf building for the Army Corps.  This building has 2 sections:  an office area and a warehouse area, which can often complicate the air barrier test because warehouse areas are much more difficult to test and maintain a minimal amount of air leakage.
In December 2012, we performed air barrier testing and a building envelope scan at a new grocery store in Texas. The goal of the project was to help the client identify areas where they could improve the energy efficiency of their buildings so they could implement better strategies in upcoming projects.
The week of May 7th we were at an Air Force Base in Texas.  We performed Air Barrier Testing and Thermal Envelope Scan on a 42,200 square foot NATO jet pilot training facility.   We performed air barrier testing at a jet pilot training facility.
Air Barrier Testing can be used to gain points under the Innovation in Design Category.   We recently performed a building envelope thermal scan and air leakage test at a LEED Certified bank in order to help the bank locate and isolate any air leakages sites the building may have.
Last week we performed an Air Barrier Test and Thermal Envelope Scan of a federal building at a lock on the Ohio River. TSI Energy Solutions provides homeowners, organizations, and government bodies with the tests they need to improve the efficiency of their buildings. By helping customers identify air leakage sites through air barrier testing, TSI helps strengthen buildings and reduce the risk of damage to the buildings' systems.
We have been performing air leakage testing on homes for almost 30 years.  Utilizing a blower door, we can depressurize (or pull a vacuum) on the home to measure the total air leakage.   While the blower door is running, our technicians can walk around a home to identify the individual air leakage sites.