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Curtain Wall Leak Detection

Curtain Wall Leak Detection Services

Leak testing inspections include but are not limited to:

  AAMA 501.2

AAMA 501.2 testing is designed to evaluate joints, gaskets and sealant details in the glazing work on building in construction phases or recently completed. The video on the left is an example of this testing.

 AAMA 502

AAMA 502 testing is used for verifying air infiltration and water penetration resistence of installed fenestration products.

 AAMA 503

AAMA 503 testing is used for evaluating the performance of newly installed storefronts, curtain walls, and sloped glazing systems.

 ASTM E783

ASTM E783 testing is used to determine air leakage rates of new installed exterior windows and doors.

 ASTM E1105

ASTM E1105 testing is used to determine the resistance of windows, curtain walls, skylights, and doors to water penetration. You can view a video of ASTM E1105 here.

 ASTM E2128

ASTM E2128 testing is used to evaluate water leakage of building walls and determining the causes of those water leaks.