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AAMA 501.2-03:
Quality Assurance and Diagnostic Water Leakage Field Check of Storefronts, Curtain Walls, and Sloped Glazing Systems
TSI Building Diagnostic Services

AAMA 501.2-03: Evaluating Joints, Gaskets, and Sealant Details in the Glazing

AAMA 501.2-03 testing is designed for curtain walls. The testing occurs on the lowest typical floor for storefront or sloped glazing system checking. Before the testing can take place, the test area must be completely glazed according to the shop drawings and job specifications. If the glazing installation is not complete, then the testing results will not be accurate. The test area (typically 9.3 square meters) must include perimeter caulking, typical splices, frame intersections, and, if applicable, at least two entire vision lites and two entire spandrel lites containing an intermediate vertical member and an intermediate horizontal member. During testing, it’s imperative to remove any interior finish wall materials to gain visual access for examining water penetration.  

Conducting an AAMA 501.2-03 Test

During testing, the test area should be divided into and evaluated in 1.5 meter sections of the framing and joint. The hose nozzle needs to be held at a distance of 305 mm from the testing location and held there for 5 minutes while slowly moving back and forth in the test section and maintaining the perpendicular angle to the plane of the wall.

As the testing occurs, an observer must be on the interior side of the wall to check for water leakage and mark where the leak occurs. If no leakage is found, then the AAMA 501.2-03 testing can continue on to the next section of the testing area. If there is leakage and the source cannot be identified, then all joints, gaskets, and framing needs to be tightly covered with waterproof adhesive masking tape. Then, starting from the bottom of the test area, the tape is removed from the lowest horizontal frame and subjected to nozzle spray. Continue moving through the test area to identify the source of the leakage.

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The Benefits of AAMA 501.2-03 Testing From TSI Energy Solutions

TSI uses the latest testing technologies to ensure accurate procedures and precise results.   TSI’s technicians travel the country testing many types of systems under various climactic conditions which gives us the critical knowledge and experience necessary to perform these tests.

TSI’s Expertise
in AAMA 501.2-03 Testing

TSI’s testing team performs inspections throughout the country so we see various types of construction in all conditions.  TSI has tested hundreds of commercial buildings over our 35 plus year history.   Most of our technicians have been with our company for 10-25 years so they offer unrivaled experience.

How to Get Started With AAMA 501.2-03 Testing

At TSI Energy Solutions, we make having your curtain wall tested for the AAMA 501.2-03 standard simple.

Step 1: Request a quote to contact the experts at TSI Energy Solutions for your AAMA testing.

Step 2: Identify the area of your curtain wall to be tested by our experts.

Step 3: Watch as our experts test your wall and deliver our findings.