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AAMA 502-12:
Voluntary Specification for Field Testing of Newly Installed Fenestration Products

AAMA 502-12: Verifying Air Infiltration and Water Penetration Resistance of Installed Fenestration Products

AAMA 502-12 verification testing is applicable during construction and prior to the issuance of the building occupancy. However, it is to be completed no more than six months after the fenestration product is installed. During AAMA 502-12 verification testing, an air test chamber is attached and sealed to the wall or roof construction in order to create a pressure differential across the entire area and to seal the perimeter. The testing needs to be performed and completed as soon as possible after the fenestration product is installed and before drywall or other interior finish wall/roof materials are installed. In order to successfully complete the testing, interior materials will have to removed from the testing area for visual access, if they have already been installed.

Conducting AAMA 502-12 Verification Testing

Once fenestration products are installed, adjusted, cleaned, and perimeter sealed, the fenestration products will be tested for air leakage resistance and water penetration resistance. If any of tested fenestration products do not conform to the air leakage or water leakage requirements, then they will need to be inspected and retested and additional fenestration products will need to be tested for compliance. If water leakage is observed during testing and the source cannot be identified, forensic evaluation will need to be performed to determine the source.

As far as the fenestration products are concerned, the tested products shall be typical installations as specified for the project. They cannot have outstanding punch list items, visible or known damage, or singled out because of obvious performance programs. After selecting the testing fenestration products, proper operation must be checked while not disturbing the interior side air seal. The pretest inspection includes checking and recording:

  • The plumb, level and square of the specimen
  • The operation of the fenestration product
  • The drainage path
  • The pre-test condition

The Benefits of AAMA 502-12 Testing from TSI Energy Solutions

TSI uses the latest testing technologies to ensure accurate procedures and precise results.   TSI’s technicians travel the country testing many types of systems under various climactic conditions which gives us the critical knowledge and experience necessary to perform these tests.

TSI Energy Solutions Expertise in AAMA 502-12 Testing

TSI’s testing team performs inspections throughout the country so we see various types of construction in all conditions.  TSI has tested hundreds of commercial buildings over our 35 plus year history.   Most of our technicians have been with our company for 10-25 years so they offer unrivaled experience.

How to Get Started With AAMA 502-12 Testing

The experts at TSI Energy Solutions understand your need to maintain the compliance, soundness, and integrity of your construction. We make testing your fenestration products as simple as possible.

Step 1: Request a quote to contact TSI Energy Solutions and let us know how we can help you complete your project.

Step 2: Identify the fenestration products to be tested and make sure our experts have access to the interior structure.

Step 3: Watch as our experts verify and check your installed fenestration products.