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Constructing energy efficient commercial buildings

new construction energy efficiency inspection

Constructing energy efficient commercial buildings

Energy efficient commercial buildings come with a lot of positives for building owners. They reduce CO2 emissions and save money on energy bills. They’re easier to maintain and they’re more comfortable for occupants. Plus, energy efficient buildings qualify for benefits like 179D tax deductions.

Designing new construction buildings to be as energy efficient as possible is worth it. These days, construction materials and building practices are more energy efficient than ever — but if your goal is to maximize commercial building energy efficiency, following standard practice doesn’t guarantee you’ll get there.

Fortunately, you don’t have to manage energy efficiency during construction on your own. TSI Energy Solutions partners with building owners to maximize efficiency at every step of the project.

Building with energy efficiency in mind

Construction is the best time to make energy efficient choices. Our team has nearly 30 years of experience performing energy efficiency inspections during construction.

Energy efficient systems and materials are easier to implement at the beginning of a project and in many cases, they’re more cost-effective at this point, too.

Energy efficiency is affected by things like:

  • Building location and size
  • HVAC equipment
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Temperature control systems
  • Lighting
  • Type of building envelope
  • Types of insulation
  • Types of windows and doors

It’s never too early or too late to bring in our energy consultants in a commercial building project. Our team serves as advisors to you, your architects, and your construction company, with the ultimate goal of delivering a safe, comfortable, and energy efficient building.

→ Wondering how you can make existing commercial buildings more energy efficient? Learn how a one-time energy audit can kickstart your energy efficiency program.

What’s included in a new construction energy audit

Our new construction energy audits start with a comprehensive review of your building plans. We perform a walkthrough of the construction site, then compile our findings into actionable recommendations.

We do a series of tests and ASTM inspections throughout the construction process. Air barrier testing ensures air tightness and curtain wall leak testing ensures water tightness. Buildings that are both air- and water-tight are more energy efficient and easier to maintain.

The process includes energy efficiency education for building owners, to help you learn where your resources will be best spent to maximize returns. We can also help your commercial building meet Energy Star certification and LEED certification requirements.

No matter where you are in the construction process, TSI Energy Solutions can help you maximize commercial building energy efficiency. Contact us to get your quote started.