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Underground Water Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Underground ultrasonic Water Leak Detection Saves Time And Money

Underground water leaks can wreak havoc on both homes and commercial buildings. They can lead to flooding in lower levels, ground flooding, damage to building structures, and compromised foundations. But, detecting these leaks can be difficult. While it might be tempting to start digging where you see water bubbling to the surface, it isn’t the best solution. Water often surfaces in a different spot than the leak site. TSI’s experts use infrared thermography, ultrasound, helium detection, and correlator technology as accurate underground water detectors to identify water leaks and slab leaks.

While we do perform other leak detection services for large commercial buildings nationally, our service territory for UNDERGROUND water leak detection is limited to Central Indiana.  For more information on our national services for leak detection in walls, windows, and roofs of commercial buildings click here. 

TSI’s Ultrasonic Water Leak Detection Services Help Locate Water Leaks In:


  • Domestic Water Systems

  • Vacuum Systems

  • BoilerLines

  • Slab Foundations

  • Fire Protection Systems

Making Water Leak Detection Easy

Knowing if you have a water leak or not can be difficult. Often times, these underground water leaks are small enough to not draw attention until something goes wrong. There are a few ways to find out if you have a water leak, though. For one, if your water meter is running, but you do not currently have water running in your house or building, then there is most likely a leak somewhere in your system.  In other cases, you’ll notice the ground around your home or building is constantly wet and flooding.

Leak Detection Services

Ultrasonic Water Leak Detection FAQs

Why use TSI?

Before you start digging up your yard, crawling under your house, and breaking up concrete, TSI can quickly locate and isolate your water leaks. We started doing underground gas leak surveys in the 1980s and quickly evolved into leak detection for domestic water lines.

Should I just start digging?

We don’t recommend you start digging when you suspect there is a leak. Often times, leaks surface in one spot, but the source of the leak is in a different spot. Our inspections will identify the source of the leak, so you can minimize excavation and repair costs.

Do you perform UNDERGROUND leak detection services outside of Central Indiana?

Unfortunately, we do not provide UNDERGROUND leak detection services outside of Central Indiana.   We do, however, locate leaks in large commercial buildings nationally.  For more information on our  national leak detection services for locating leaks in walls, windows and roofs of commercial buildings, click here. 

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Have an underground water leak? We can help you find it if you are located in Central Indiana. Click the link below for a leak detection inspection quote.