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TSI’s Environmental Impact


Certifying 35 homes daily saves homeowners a total of $2.275 million each year.


Our yearly certifications cut greenhouse gases by nearly 297 million pounds, comparable to removing 14,500 cars.

Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


The annual effect of our certified homes is like planting over 3.3 million new trees.

Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Indiana Building Codes Are Complex

As a home builder, you navigate a dynamic landscape, facing increasing pressure to meet building codes, deliver energy-efficient homes, and maintain top-notch quality. Balancing these demands while keeping costs in check is difficult on your own.

You need a partner that has the experience and knowledge to help you ensure your building is up to code.

Ensure Compliance Without Compromise

At TSI Energy Solutions, we understand the unique hurdles you encounter and offer specialized services tailored to your needs.

Guidance and Support

We provide ongoing support, assisting your construction teams to seamlessly integrate energy-efficient systems to maximize homeowner satisfaction.

Compliance Made Easy

Our comprehensive inspections and testing ensure your projects meet and surpass local building codes, minimizing the risk of non-compliance and costly delays.

Cost-Effective Solutions & ROI

Our solutions are designed to optimize cost-effectiveness, delivering long-term energy savings and enhancing your projects’ overall return on investment.

Personalized Strategies

We collaborate with you to identify the best energy efficiency solutions to meet your desired preferences, budget and goals.

Your Energy Efficiency Partner

With decades of experience and a passion for sustainability, TSI Energy Solutions is your trusted ally in achieving your energy-related goals.

TSI has worked on NGBS certifying many of my multi-family developments over the past fifteen years… Every project we worked on was successfully certified NGBS Silver or NGBS Gold. TSI was very helpful and knowledgeable regarding the NGBS program, energy efficiency, water efficiency and other green practices.

Andrea Kent
ALK Development

Residential Energy Efficiency Services

Get the resources you need and comprehensive inspections from our experienced Home Energy Raters, Code Compliance Specialists and NGBS Green Verifiers at TSI Energy Solutions

Energy Code Compliance Inspections & Plan Review

Make sure your new construction homes meet local energy codes, and avoid the costly delays that come with non-compliance.

Above Code & Green Building Certifications

Achieve prestigious Green Building Certification, increasing sustainability and your home values.

Blower Door & Air Duct Testing

Detect leaks in building envelopes and duct systems, so you can fix them and achieve maximum efficiency.

Comprehensive Air Sealing

Eliminate energy waste and enhance indoor air quality with our comprehensive residential air sealing services for new construction homes.

HVAC Airflow Testing

Pinpoint HVAC inefficiencies and implement changes to achieve optimal performance and significant energy savings.

Infrared Scanning

Identify thermal issues within building envelopes with precise infrared technology, so you can fix them to maximize energy efficiency and safety.

Empower Your Projects with Code-Compliant Energy Solutions

Take the lead in energy-efficient home construction with TSI Energy Solutions.


Schedule An Introductory Call

Share your projects, goals, and challenges. Explore energy-efficient solutions tailored to your vision and code compliance needs.


Get A Comprehensive Energy Audit

We analyze your plans, specs, and energy usage. You receive personalized recommendations for efficient technologies and strategies.


Build Homes With Confidence

Ensure code compliance, seamlessly integrate customized energy solutions, and become the leader in sustainable home construction.