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Why Your Building Needs A Roof Moisture Survey

Why Your Building Needs A Roof Moisture Survey

Roof moisture surveys are one of the best ways to keep your building, employees, and tenants safe. Because so much of the roofing system isA roof moisture survey can help keep your building, equipment, and tenants. actually below the surface, it can be difficult to spot all damage the system has sustained. Many building owners don’t know they need a roof moisture survey until it becomes too late.

To help you better understand the benefits of having a roof moisture survey performed on your roof, here are some of the reasons why you need the survey:

A roof moisture survey can reveal damage to your roof’s insulation.

While you may not think about your roof as a system, it is. There are multiple parts to a roofing system, each of them relying on another one to help it function as it needs to. The insulation under your roof is incredibly important to the energy efficiency of your building, but it’s also a support system for your roof. If your roof is damaged, your roof insulation will soak up any water intrusion. This prevents the insulation from performing properly and actually causes your building’s frame to support extra weight, which can cause larger scale building issues.

A roof moisture survey can help keep your equipment, employees, and/or tenants safe.

A damaged roof is prone to failure; that’s easy to understand. However, what’s not easy to understand is that not all roof damage is visible from the surface. When this type of damage goes unaddressed, it puts your equipment, employees, and/or tenants at risk. A roof moisture survey, however, can identify those below-the-surface issues that may otherwise go unnoticed and uncorrected, which will help keep everything inside of your building safe and protected.

A roof moisture survey can help you identify a decaying roof deck.

When moisture does become trapped in your roof’s insulation, it will eventually pass through the insulation to the roof deck, which is the part of the roofing system that holds everything up. If the roof deck becomes damaged by the over-saturated insulation, it will start to rot. The rotting roof deck could eventually lead to the entire roof collapsing or allow mold to grow. Both of these issues can result in huge costs for repair or replacement services.

At TSI Energy Solutions, we provide two different roof moisture surveys. Nuclear roof moisture surveys allow us to locate trapped moisture in ballasted roofs while infrared roof moisture inspections allow us to identify temperature differences created by saturated insulation in the roof. Contact our team or request a proposal today to get started.