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Roof Moisture Surveys

roof moisture survey

Nuclear Roof Moisture Surveys


Trapped moisture in your roofing system can lead to mold growth and health issues for building occupants. A nuclear roof moisture survey is the most accurate way to locate trapped moisture in ballasted roofs. The nuclear technology is able to distinguish between multiple levels of moisture and can operate in a wide range of weather conditions on any type of slope roof. During the testing,  a 5’x5′ or 10’x10′ grid is marked, depending on what the client requires. A small area of rock is removed at each intersection and a reading is recorded in our data sheets.  A final report, with CAD drawings, clearly details the extent and location of elevated moisture levels.

Infrared Roof Moisture Inspection

Thermal Rooftop Imaging

If your roof has a leak, moisture can saturate insulation in the roofing system, leading to mold, health concerns, and potential issues with your roof. Rather than spend lots of money on roof repairs and services, contact the experts at TSI to use infrared thermography to identify temperature differences created by saturated insulation in the roof. Our certified thermographers use cutting edge infrared equipment to locate the areas of saturation.  During an Infrared Roof Inspection, problem areas are marked on the roof and the findings are presented in a report. We confirm our findings using electric capacitance or nuclear instruments, so we won’t have to take core samples.


Nuclear Roof Moisture Surveys Provide Unmatched Detection Accuracy

At TSI, we use nuclear gauges because they have the advantage of working on all of the most common roofing membrane/insulation combinations. Since the 1970s, roofing professionals have successfully used non-destructive testing techniques to determine the extent and location of wet insulation.

Infrared Roof Moisture Inspections Increase Safety

Saturated insulation in your roofing system can lead to water intruding your building. When water enters your building, not only can it damage your building’s systems and components, but it can also jeopardize the health and safety of your building’s tenants. Things like black mold can easily form in insulation and on ceiling tiles. When this happens, it can get in the air and tenants can breathe it in, causing major health issues. With an infrared roof moisture inspection, our TSI experts can locate the areas of increased temperature and help you identify water intrusion sites.


Roof Moisture Survey Inspection FAQs

Why should I perform a Roof Moisture Survey?

TSI can help you determine which areas of the roof are saturated so you may not have to tear off the entire roof, saving you thousands of dollars!

Why should I hire a third party?

TSI is an independent inspection company with no financial interest in your roof.   We do not sell roofing systems or products so you can rest assured that we will provide you with fully unbiased information.

Are all infrared companies the same?

No!  Having an infrared camera does not make you a roof expert.  Our technicians have years of experience evaluating commercial roofing systems.

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