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AAMA 502 Water Leak Testing of Newly Installed Windows

AAMA 502 Water Leak Testing of Newly Installed Windows

We recently performed a water leak testing and inspection at an assisted living facility, during construction, utilizing AAMA 502 as the testing standard.  The owner had experienced water leak issues in other facilities and wanted to ensure this would be a water-tight structure.

Air Leak and Water Leak Testing

AAMA 502 consists of ASTM E783 (to measure air leakage) and ASTM E1105 (to measure water leakage).   An air-tight chamber was built on the interior of the window to isolate the window from the surrounding space.   A calibrated fan and airflow measuring device were used to depressurize the chamber and measure the exact amount of air leakage coming through the window.


After confirming the air leakage met the required level, the water leak test was performed per ASTM E1105.   While the chamber was under a negative pressure, a spray rack was used to apply a consistent flow of water to the exterior surface of the window.


No water leaks were found at the windows during the AAMA 502 testing and the air leakage rate met the required standards.


Please contact TSI Energy Solutions if you have a project that requires air or water leak testing of windows, curtain walls, storefronts, etc.