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Water Leak Detection: Securing Your Building

Water Leak Detection: Securing Your Building

When it comes to protecting your building, undetected water leaks are one of the most devastating Water leak detection services are focused on helping you isolate and fix water leak issues.issues you can run into. When water leaks go undetected they can wreak havoc on your operating systems, your foundation, and the building’s overall integrity. Water leak detection services can help find and isolate leaks in sprinkler systems, domestic water lines, and boiler systems.

Water leak detection helps you avoid potentially dangerous issues.

It can be difficult to detect a water leak because, more times than not, they happen underground When these types of leaks occur, the water often doesn’t come to the surface in the same spot as the leak site. Water leak detection services use technology like ultrasound and infrared thermography to actually find the water leak site. However, if the sites are not found, say in your irrigation system, then the water has the potential to reach the foundation of your building. And, when water builds up around your foundation or continuously flows to your foundation, the foundation will actually start to crumble and weaken.

Digging isn’t the solution for your water leak.

Whether it’s at your home or at your commercial property, digging to find the water leak isn’t the solution. Because the puddled water may not be in the same area as the actual leak, you could end up with a yard full of holes and ruined landscaping in front of your commercial building. Instead, water leak detection equipment can easily scan the ground until the leak is found. This method prevents multiple holes from being dug and allows you to quickly isolate the leak location and correct the issue.

Internal leaks and water intrusion points make your building’s systems work overtime.

If water is leaking into your building through your roof, windows, or through the floor of your building, it will cause your building’s systems to overwork. For instance, the excess water can cause humidity to rise, which will cause air conditioning units to work harder to maintain colder air temps. Not to mention, the water buildup from leaks can result in mold and mildew throughout your building. Building diagnostic testing is the best way to locate and isolate these types of leaks.
Water leak detection is a science. When you have a water leak, it needs to be addressed almost immediately. Otherwise, the issue builds up and your problem worsens until major damage like foundation crumbling or mold buildup happens. If you have a leak or are concerned about these issues, then TSI has the water leak detection services you need to find leaks and start correcting the issues today.