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Window Air and Water Leak Testing

Your Building’s Windows Are A First Line of Defense

At TSI Energy Solutions, our experts perform professional inspections on commercial buildings to detect air and water leaks. Improper details and installation errors can lead to water infiltration and air intrusion which may result in major damage to the building.  Mold can form in insulation, the humidity in the building can be high, and the building’s systems are forced to overwork. By performing specific tests on the exterior wall systems and glass, we can isolate and identify these leak issues.

We Follow the industry standards.

  Water Penetration

During ASTM E1105 testing, our experts will test your windows to determine the water penetration resistance of your windows. During the test, water is applied to the exterior of the building, while the air pressure inside is lowered.

  Water Tight Testing

To test the water tightness of your building’s windows, TSI uses AAMA 501.2. During this testing a constant stream of water is sprayed over a 5 foot section of glass and window frame to determine if there is a leak in the window system.

  Air and Water Pressure Testing

Depending on the type of building you have, we’ll use the AAMA 502 or 503 testing. In both tests, the air pressure inside will be decreased to determine if any air is leaking through the building while water is sprayed on the outside to determine if there is moisture intrusion.

  Air Leakage Testing

By sealing an air chamber around the window assembly and increasing the pressure to measure any air flow loss or gain across the testing chamber, our experts can determine if the window assembly is allowing air to penetrate the building.

Do you have a project that needs testing? 

By having TSI’s experts perform window water and air leakage testing, you can increase the efficiency of your building, reduce utility costs, and increase tenant comfort. Whether you are in the middle of construction or your building is several years old, TSI can perform these tests to ensure your building is up to the standards.

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