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Indiana Energy Code Chapter 11 – Energy Efficiency certification

All new construction homes in Indiana must comply with Indiana Energy Code Chapter 11 – Energy Efficiency. Adopted in 2020, the code sets energy efficiency standards for insulation, air-tightness, and whole-house ventilation in residential construction, with the ultimate goal of improving energy usage and occupant comfort.

Compliance is mandatory, but managing documentation, scheduling inspections, and making the necessary improvements can slow down the construction process and cost you valuable resources.

TSI Energy Solutions has the experience to make your compliance simpler. Our home inspection team has completed more than 100,000 new home ratings, and here’s what you can expect when you work with our certified experts.

What’s included in TSI Indiana Energy Code Chapter 11 inspections

Thorough system testing

We conduct two inspections during construction, and tests we perform include:

  • Blower door air leakage testing
  • Duct leakage testing
  • Insulation R-value inspection
  • Whole house ventilation evaluation

Customized energy improvement recommendations

We analyze the home’s current specs and identify areas of improvement needed to meet code. After inspections, we deliver a custom report that details ways to improve energy efficiency, save money, and minimize warranty callbacks.

Energy efficiency certification

Our team can also inspect for industry-leading energy efficiency certifications. Certifications make it easier for homebuyers to quickly evaluate a home’s energy efficiency, giving your homes a competitive edge over homes that aren’t certified. Your options include:

HERS Index: The HERS Index is a single number that represents a home’s overall energy efficiency compared to similar homes in the market.

NGBS Green: National Green Building Standard (NGBS) Green Certification verifies that a home is designed and built to be more energy efficient in six key areas.

Energy Star: Energy Star is a government program to evaluate energy efficiency, and it’s the most recognizable measure of energy efficiency among American consumers.

Get your Indiana Energy Code inspections done with TSI

Our inspectors are Indiana Energy Code compliance specialists. We don’t just perform inspections — we break down complicated code language and deliver customized recommendations that make sense for your project.

Talk to one of our experts to find out more.

When you’re ready to start working with TSI, submit our Builder Specification form, Design Compliance form, and a PDF of the home plans. Keep in mind that our inspectors need 3-5 days’ notice for all inspections.

When to schedule Indiana Energy Code inspections

Your first inspection takes place after exterior wall insulation installation and before drywall installation. This inspection usually takes 1-2 hours.

Your second inspection takes place at the end of the build. The house should have power and all the follow items should be installed:

  • Attic insulation
  • All provided appliances
  • Flooring
  • HVAC registers

The final inspection can take 2-4 hours, depending on the size of the house.

After inspection, we analyze all the data we collect on-site and generate a code compliance packet that you’ll need to have for your final C of O inspection. Our report includes customized recommendations for beneficial and cost-effective energy improvements.

Make code compliance easier with TSI Energy Solutions. Contact us to get started today.

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