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Unlocking the Benefits of Residential Infrared Scanning for New Construction Homes

When it comes to building a comfortable, energy efficient house, it’s essential to properly seal out the elements. Air and water leaks can turn a cozy home into a constant problem — for both homebuilders and homeowners. Residential infrared scanning, also known as thermography, is a nondestructive inspection technology that uses thermal imaging to detect temperature differences in surfaces — and those temperature differences are a reliable way to identify air and water leak points.

Residential infrared scanning is widely considered the gold standard in the construction industry because it’s a simple way to identify issues that aren’t visible to the naked eye. At TSI Energy Solutions, our Level II and Level III Certified thermographers use infrared scanning and inspections to help homebuilders detect and address problems in their new construction homes, ultimately improving energy efficiency and reducing costs.

Here’s why it’s worth getting residential infrared scanning on your projects.

Pinpoint air leaks

One of the primary benefits of infrared scanning for new construction homes is its ability to identify air leaks. Air leaks can be a major problem in any home, but they are especially problematic in new construction homes because they can lead to significant energy loss, high utility bills, and increased warranty calls.

We use infrared scanning to identify air leaks by detecting temperature differences between the indoor and outdoor air. Once we pinpoint the location of any leaks, your crew can seal them to prevent energy loss and improve energy efficiency.

Identify insulation problems

Infrared scanning also helps identify insulation problems in new construction homes, before you start getting complaints from homeowners. Insulation is critical to maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature and reducing energy costs, but insulation problems are notoriously difficult to detect because they’re often hidden behind walls and ceilings.

Infrared scanning detects unusual temperature differences in walls and ceilings, indicating areas where insulation may be insufficient. After scanning, we compile a report that highlights the issues, so you can address them before they become even bigger problems.

Detect water leaks

Residential infrared scanning isn’t only beneficial for air leaks — it also helps detect water leaks. Water leaks can be an insidious problem in new construction homes because they often cause significant damage before the problem is detected.

Our thermographers can use infrared scanning to detect water leaks because saturated insulation, walls, and other materials are a different temperature than dry materials. By identifying those temperature differences, we can locate water leaks without destroying the area so your team can implement repairs before the leak causes extensive damage.

Overall, infrared scanning offers invaluable insight for homebuilders. It can identify problems that may be otherwise undetectable, helping you improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, and maintain a safe and comfortable living environment. It‘s an investment that can pay off in the long run, by preventing more costly repairs and damage down the line.

If you’re not getting residential infrared scanning, it’s time to find out what we can do for you. With TSI, you can rest easy knowing you’re taking proactive steps to ensure comfortable and safe living environments for years to come. Contact us and get started today.

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